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shift timing indicator light

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Hey Guys,

I'm trying to set my shift timing indicator light on my R6. I'm following my owner's manual, and I can't even get started. The manual says to push the RESET button to select one of the indicator light acitivity settings, but it doesn't mention whether the key should be in the "ON" or "OFF" position. I've tried both anyway and when I push the RESET button, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Anyone who has a R6 or is familiar with R6 settings, please help. Thanks.
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Yea you were right. The key had to be in the off position before pushing the RESET button. And the rest is pretty easy. It's pretty simple if I had just follow the manual explanation more carefully.
Good deal so you got what you wanted?
Bike is in the shop still.

Why is your bike still in the shop???
bumblebee said:
Why is your bike still in the shop???
It started to run like crap. Real shaky at idle. i took it to the shop and they were thinkin the throttle bodies weren't synced anymore (15K miles). They said they were still going to do more diagnostics. Well, it's been in the shop for over a week now and the lastes word is that they don't know what's wrong and they have to call Yamaha on Tuesday. Hopefully it's serious and I'll need a new motor or something. Everything is covered under waranty still. I'm pissed though cuz I'm driving to Texas this weekend and wish I could take it w/ me but I don't think it'll be fixed. i myself am leaning towards bad gass but what do i know?
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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