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Shifting during a turn

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Is it good/bad/depends to be shifting (up) while IN a turn? I find myself doing it periodically when I went into the turn on the high range of my current gear and I want to pull out of the turn strong. So far it hasn't been an issue for my bike but I'm curious if this is something that could cause me problems in the future if I make it a habit or do it at higher than normal speeds?

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double2000r6 said:
No but I have heard a million times that you find your gear before the turn and then take the turn with ZERO distraction, etc. so you can focus on where you need to go, etc. and for what F4I was talking about..
:withstupi It is bad.
Don't get in the habit.
Like said earlier, it mostly depends on speed and lean angle for the danger factor.
Up shifts are cool if you stay smooth.
Down shift are a no no.
If you find your self in a turn to slow, oh well.
Just remember it next time and go faster if you like.
The road isn't a race track so why worry about exit speed. :2cents:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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