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Short practice vid from hockenhiem.

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Short vid from last years practice season.
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Some of your lines are questionable. J/K. I've never even been on a track. Cool vid.
Ya it is super hard to hold a line when you have that many bikes out there. I am going to try and rent the track for a off day and have one of the instructors show me the best lines. The track is set up for F1 so it is a fast track, I just suck. Yes it was hard to see with the sun in my face. I normaly wear sunglasses.
ebbs15 said:
how much is that going to cost?:yikes:
well I figure if I get like ten guys and a $100 each that should buys us two maybe three hours.
Gas Man said:
Finally watched it... looks good. And damn... I love the sound of the Kaw getting its neck rung!
Ya I got watch that, don't need to blow the bitch up before I pick up the GSXR.
Gas Man said:
Nah...its made for that! What time is it over there? 11:49pm or 23:49 Thursday here...

Do they know you have a camera on board? It seems like they aren't as strict over there. Everybody had exposed tail lights and license plates on...
The only days I can run with the camera on is the open track days. They allow anybody that has a street legal bike to run the track. This is the reason for the lights and license plates. On Mondays you have to have track set up and no camera.

Also the time might be messed up because I'm in the states right now for school.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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