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Should dealers impose restrictions on sales of bikes to riders

  • No, if you've got the cash, it's your right to buy/ride what you want

    Votes: 8 57.1%
  • Yes, certain displacements and styles of bikes warrant a required level of experience

    Votes: 5 35.7%
  • Not sure

    Votes: 1 7.1%

Should dealers sell to anybody ?

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OK, so ur joe q teenager or inexperience rider in general. U walk into the dealer, u've got the financing (probably with daddies money anyways) and u want a new Busa or maybe a ZX10. They say, ok, here's the keys, knock urself out, thanks for the sale..and away you go.

This is basically the case with the dealers on our long as you have a valid license, they'll sell to pretty much anybody with the cash.

If they would follow certain guidlines for the bikes they sell, like recommended rider specifications, experience, etc., we'd have alot less squids on the road of course..but there's also a huge greay area as to who can ride what, and who has the experience, and who can prove it either way.

Just curious as to ur thoughts.
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Well, I also agree that responsibility should not rest solely on the shoulders of the dealers. However, a better licensing system would be nice. Also, the dealers ARE trying to make a profit. While someone said something about being worried about the 16 y.o. in daddy's new cobra being a problem, I think bikes can be a bigger problem solely because of cost. A kid can save up a few bucks and get a loan for a high powered sportbike a lot easier than he can for a car. Granted, if he's driving daddy's car, that's his dad's fault. But the kid most likely can't afford to BUY a high powered car, whereas he can easily walk into a dealership and buy a bike. The big question, is where should the main social responsibility be held? At the home? At the bank loaning the money? At the dealer selling the vehicle? Or with the government and its licensing system? The EASIEST way to control it would be a better licensing system where you are ONLY allowed to ride a bike for a specific CC and lower, depending on what you rode in the test. And the test needs to be changed DRASTICALLY. Hell, here in Indiana, you can (and I'm not joking) take a scooter or moped to the test and get your license, and then go hop on a gixxer 1K or a Harley FatBoy. That's just plain ignorant, at least IMO. So, my vote is for a better licensing system.
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