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Small note about Icon Team Merc jackets

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Hi, as I stated in a previous thread. I recently bought my first jacket. I ordered an Icon Team Merc jacket, the black one from their brand new catalog. This is the jacket...

Icon Team Merc Black jacket

It also looks like this on their site, but you get a better pic there.

One problem, the jacket does NOT look exactly like this. It's actually all black. Not a big thing, but I was a little disappointed. I did decide to write to Icon and mention this, this is the response I got...

Hello, I recently purchased your Team Merc Jacket, the black version from Lee's Performance. I just wanted to ask, I had got the jacket based on the pic in your catalog, the same pic on your site. The pic shows the jacket as prominently black with white. Although the actual jacket I recieved is completely black. I was a little disapponted. Is this correct? Is the jacket somehow wrong, or your pictures misleading? Thanks for any help.

- - The images can not change in the catalog but they were supposed to be updated on our website but haven't yet. The all black Team Merc jacket is the correct jacket not what is in the pictures.

Seems kinda bogus. The images can't change, but at what point was the jacket changed? This pic has obviously spread to any & all advertising for the jacket, and they don't seem to be in any big hurry to fix this. Not exactly the best customer service approach.
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JayMax said:
As I stated with the thread title, I merely hoped to pass on some info about the jackets, in case any else was interested in getting the same jacket. I've benefitted from the info left here about other products, I wanted to do the same.

I apologize for any misperceptions.

That's the value of TwohWheelForum! I, for one, appreciate your candidness in sharing your experience, as I'm many others do as well.
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