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Smoking & the workplace

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I've heard on the radio for the last couple days about this company in Lansing, MI that won't allow it's workers to be smokers. A company called Waco (yes, like the Waco kid shooting).

Anyway, the company got sick of paying higher insurance premiums due to a few employees that smoked. So they decided one day to say that all of it's employees would be smoke free (completely) or you would be laid off/fired.

Now, understand, they mean YOU CAN'T SMOKE AT ALL, not even on your personal time. The company purchased some Carbon Nioxide detectors and will test it's employees' clothing and such at random to ensure that you (the employee) are NOT smoking!

In the end 4 people wouldn't quit and therefor were fired!

What do you guys think of this???

Furthermore, there are many people that are bietching up a storm about this. But they can't do much. Michigan is a "at will" employment state. And if you or your actions are costing the company money they may "can" you!! The company need not give you fore warning or anything. The old saying that if you don't like it then there's the door!

Again, What do you guys think of this???
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I'm an ex-smoker so I'm biased. But if employers can enforce no illegal drugs in their employees, why can't they enforce no tobacco?
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