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Gainesville, Florida

Four Alachua County crashes spell pandemonium on I-75

tormy weather sparked a scene of pandemonium on Interstate 75 late during Tuesday afternoon rush hour when a multiple-vehicle crash involving three tractor-trailers south of Alachua caused a chain reaction of other wrecks. Traffic heading north was backed up for nearly four hours.

Crews worked to remove several tractor-trailers and cars from the traffic lanes of the interstate as thousands of motorists sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic for 10 miles, slowing traffic all the way to Marion County, according to Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Mike Burroughs. No one was seriously injured in the series of crashes, Burroughs said, although one person was transported to Shands at the University of Florida with minor injuries.

Further details on the vehicles involved were not available at press time.

"The majority of the drivers and passengers involved were wearing their seat belts," Burroughs said. "With the speeds that people travel on the interstate and crashes involving so many semis, we are somewhat surprised no one was seriously hurt. It's a testament to the fact that seat belts really do work."

Story with pictures here...

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I-75 through Gainesville is crazy. Three lanes of interstate with the normal speed for vehicles in the inside lane @ 90 plus. The Gainesville exits usually back up with traffic onto the interstate during peak traffic hours causing mayhem on the roads.

I had to deal with all that Sunday in addition to the monsoon like rains
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