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Well, then here's the lid for you.

Smart helmet for motorcyclists
Thursday, September 30, 2004

The prototype was made with a racing helmet bought off eBay
Smart helmet for motorcyclists: Making the road a safer place

LONDON, England (CNN) -- A British design graduate has come up with a way to make the road a safer place for motorbike riders, using technology originally developed for jet fighter pilots.

Piers Tucker, 24, of Yorkshire, has created a motorbike helmet that is fitted with GPS technology, which displays information about what speed the bike is traveling.

The device means that the driver does not have to take their eyes off the road to monitor their speed.

Tucker says the idea is based on "Head Up Display" systems used by fighter pilots.

Although he does not ride a motorbike himself, he is a Formula One enthusiast and also has a passion for electronics and physics.

His invention is a result of combining the two interests, he says.

He believes the device will be a lifesaver and he would like to see it become a common accessory for motorbike riders within five years, used by both racers and everyday commuters.

"As soon as you take your eyes off the road, you're potentially causing a hazard," Tucker says.

The helmet is fitted with a small display unit, measuring approximately 2.5cm x 2cm, which has an LCD screen and can be seen to the left of the wearer's peripheral vision.

It displays the speed at which the motorbike is traveling, whether the bike has its indicators on by displaying a light either side of the screen, and what gear the bike is in.

When the indicators are on, the unit also makes a sound so that the driver is aware both visually and aurally.

Inside the display unit is a GPS chip, which measures the movement of the bike in nautical speed and converts it into a miles-per-hour reading. It then projects it on to a screen within the helmet.

Tucker says the technology is a lot more accurate than the speedometers currently fitted in most standard vehicles.

Here's the link for the rest of the story..

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I am not buying into a helmet HUD system for the bike - so now I attach a labrynth of wires to myself just so I can have some cheesy half ass HUD that is more distracting than a quick glance at the speedo? How many accidents are caused by looking at the speed? I am sure the % is pretty low.. I don't have a problem with the current technology.. Plus what is the cost of this bs that I don't need? Probably more than 6 months of pay.. No thanks.

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Need4Speed750 said:
what kinda bike do you ride that you need an ejection seat.. :smash:

The one you ride right before you hit a car that pulls out in front of you and you can't miss the car. That bike. :D
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