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So you think helmets ruin the riding experience?

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Perhaps it does, but so does death.

Check out these statistics:
In 2003, fifty two percent of fatally injured motorcycle riders were unhelmeted.

Two-thirds of unhelmeted fatalities were in states without a universal helmet law.
NHTSA research shows that, in potentially fatal crashes, helmets have an overall effectiveness of 37 percent in preventing fatalities.

In 2002, helmets saved an estimated 1,005 lives.

At 100 percent use, an additional 579 lives could have been saved in 2002 alone.

Only 58 percent of motorcyclists were observed to be wearing helmets according to the 2002 National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS).
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This has to do more with the hogs and their brain bowls.... :dupe:
Not wearing a helmet is the ULTIMATE SQUID thing to do! No debate!

Do you think there isn't a chance for you to go down, regardless of how fast, far, or what you're doing?

Do you think your head is designed to be bounced and slid down the pavement at 70mph or even 45mph?

IT'S JUST PLAIN BRAIN DEAD to not wear one. I guess that's ok too, because that's what you'll be.

:bash: :2cents: :cursin: :smash: :nono: :crazy: :loser:

:sorry: I think it's the stupidest thing a rider can do!
Need4Speed750 said:
Well the guys in Biker Boyz did it, so it must be cool!! :crazy:
Hey they had lidz in that movie. Remember they raced for them! :helmet: But then again most of them were wearing brain bowls so you can see their faces! LMOA!!
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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