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So you want to do a trackday huh?

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Well I have gotten a few PM’s from people asking “What do I have to do to get ready for a trackday” Well since I was asked nicely, I will help out my fellow riders.

First of all you have to have a good sound bike. It should be mechcanily sound and track worthy.

Second, You have to be able to handle your bike. I would think someone for at least a year would fit the profile. Im not saying that you have to Rossi or anything but just able to ride your bike with confedence.

Third, You have to do some tinkering with your bike. Most trackday organizers like you to safety wire your oil fill plug, oil drain plug and oil filter. These are all very ez to do. The fill cap is 9times out of 10 plastic and the oil filter can be done buy buying a hose clap and running the safety wair though it. I might tack some pics for you guys if Im in the mood. ALSO you will have to remove the antifreeze from you rad and engine block. This is simple put time comsuming. You sould replace the coolant with waterwetter or engine ice. Both do a great job. But waterwetter needs to be changed each year. So for the money I would get engine ice. You can find it all over the internet. Its not real cheap but worth it, most of have never flushed the collant out so this will be a win-win kinda deal.
Now drilling the drain plug is had if you don’t have a drill press. It is most of the time a hardend bolt so buy a few drill bits in the size of 1/16. Trust me buy a few!!! After the main bolts are drilled you gonna have to find the bolts you want to wire them to. Your gonna need to take them off the bike and drill them as well. DON’T WORRY DRILLING IS THE ONLY HARD PART. Once the drilling is done it sould like the pics below.”I was in a good mood” One side note, if you don’t feel like drilling the oil drain plug you can order them from Lockheart Phillips.

Along with drilling, go over the bike and look for leaks and look @ you throttle, cluch cables and brake lines for any signs wear. You going to be using the hell of these items so they sould be in good working order. Check you pads as well, because it is a good idea.

So now you should have you bike wired, look over the pics I posted, the coolant flushed and replaced with some form of “race type” coolant. Ok you should by now know if you need to order any parts that may need to replaced. So your bike should be ready to go.

So what about you?

You should have quality helmet, gloves that cover your wrist, full leathers, boots that cover the ankle, and back protector. You should drink plenty of water the week before because your going sweat like a stuffed pig. Bring a cooler with some LIGHT food. Like fruit and veges, nothing dairy. Drink only water you don’t want to cramp up.Buy a EZ-up tent. These things are great!!!. Also get yourself some out door carpet incase you have to work on the bike for some reason. The concrete is hot!! And carpet will help. Tools are good to have along with a portable air compressor.

I think this is pretty much the basics. If you need more let me know and Im sure that I can help you.
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Also if you get a K&N gold performence oil comes with handy 17mm nut on the end of the oil filter that is cross drilled and can be used for safety wiring!!

Also, don't get Royal Purple Engine coolant... it is not the same and sucks BAD!!!
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