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So you want your Bike in autorama

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This year AOB has been giving alot more freedom and we are helping with the promotion of Autorama...
So this year we have been giving a lounge... A large area.. for people to come relax in and enjoy themselfs. And this large space allows all of our sponsors to come and setup and this way we have more money to give alot more stuff away for free..

Now I asked the promoter... due to the fact that alot of people wanted to bring there bikes down to be displayed. due to our lounge we would not be able to accomidate everyone of our friends...

So Autorama has let me do something else this year..

In the placement where we were last year that whole wall is reserved for us to be allowed to bring bikes to be put on show.. So it is not a booth.. but you would be able to bring ur bikes down and park them along the wall.. All bikes would be entered into a bike contest. You wouldnt have to attend to your bikes they would be parked for the duration of autorama. You would be able to drop your bikes off the day before while aob was setting up both areas.. and the day of closing you would be able to pick your bikes back up @ 8.
If you guys wanted you would be able to come hang out at AOB lounge that is directly across from this area.

Like i said this is totally free... I just need some kind of idea on how many bikes.. I need some contact information.. this is a 100% gaurntee that you guys can do this.. I just need to know if you guys wanna do this...
Here is my contact information if anyone wants to do this.... 313-587-9680

Thank You
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Okay I have just spoken to the promoter of Autorama... again today for like the 10th time... Hes cool as hell tho..

Here is the final and Last detail...

If you are wanting to attend Autorama and have your bike set up in the display
please click this following link please fill this out and mail it to the address listed on the top. There is a $50 entry fee.. But with the fee you get a 3 day long pass... and normally to get into autorama it is $15 a day.

This is well worth it. So We would like to see everyone there...

If anyone has any questions please let me know.. I will try to do my best to answer them
Okay these classes for the bikes for people to enter…

Best Stunt Bike ( This applies to anyone ) AOB will not be entering this..As in we are promoting this

Stock Bike w/ slight (modification can include small paint work and or pipes.. but must be close to stock)

Super Modified Bike (Crazy Paint Jobs Anything goes.. Nitrous)

Most Appealing Bike (Bike that most appeals to the general Public)

Autorama’s Extreme Models Choice. ( Models Of AOB and Vibrant Entertainment will chose the winner)

There will be awards and trophys given out on the last day of autorama for this!!!
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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