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Software upgrade

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We're now running the latest version of VBulletin (the forum software), so you'll see some changes.

Some of the integrated add-ons like our front page and gallery may need some tweaking so be patient while we make TWF even better!

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:iagree: you :whore:

I upended it up and said, COOL new buttons.:dthumb:
I like the attachment tab built into the tool bar as well. I haven't tried it yet but, looks as if we can attach all formats now instead of just a few.:dthumb:
Gas Man said:
Yeah the attachment thing is new......

And did you all see the spell check!! Hey Twisty...there is spell check!
Dang, I didn't even see that hiding over in the top right corner above the smilies.:bonk:
No Worries said:
Just when I'm getting near 1K posts, the number of posts are gone.
They are still there. Right now you have to go to profile to view your :whore: count. Were looking into getting them back up with Avatar.:dthumb:
No Worries said:
Ok. In my profile, I understand the ignore list, but what does the buddy list do?
Basically it puts a + with the members screen name in the whos online box.
Are you getting the error page from favorites or the address bar?
If its coming from a favorites book marks. Its from something in your PC that is corrupt.
It probably does have something to do with the new software not being compatible with your system.
Have you updated windows lately?
I never had an issue that wasn't a kink during the upgrade.
I'm pretty sure its always been that way.
I get the Done but with errors occasionally also. I've yet to find something I need not to work.
1 - 9 of 27 Posts
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