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Software upgrade

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We're now running the latest version of VBulletin (the forum software), so you'll see some changes.

Some of the integrated add-ons like our front page and gallery may need some tweaking so be patient while we make TWF even better!

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Anyone know if this upgrade affects or have an impact on certain browsers? I use Internet Explorer with Comcast as my ISP. For some odd reason, when I view this site at home, I get the "cannot find server" error when I click on a thread, any thread. I would then have to close and re-open IE browser again. This also could be related to me adding McAfee Virus Protection/Personal Firewall/Personal Protection recently although this doesn't occur with the other forums I frequent. I am still running 98. I know, I know, 98:scratch: ..... I was considering upgrading the OS but I hate Gateway so bad that I am now planning on buying another computer and give this junk to my kids.
jeeps84 said:
Are you getting the error page from favorites or the address bar?
If its coming from a favorites book marks. Its from something in your PC that is corrupt.
Address bar....I don't even use my favorites anymore. I just manually type in the websites I frequent in the address bar. I can get the page to load up and typically view the individual thread categories (ie. General Discussion, Off Topic, etc.). It's when I click my mouse to read a thread that I get the error message. It's just weird that it never happened before.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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