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Software upgrade

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We're now running the latest version of VBulletin (the forum software), so you'll see some changes.

Some of the integrated add-ons like our front page and gallery may need some tweaking so be patient while we make TWF even better!

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Cookies!!! And maybe temp files!

Get rid of them and try again!
Have there been some additional upgrades done on the site? I have noticed that when I mouse-over thread post lines on any section I get a short preview of the first post. That is really cool or has M.S. made another change to this other wise crappy IE 6.?? Browser??

I'm pretty sure its always been that way.
i got a unknow error on where the ip address is usually located
:cheers: fyi
but the page still worked
I get the Done but with errors occasionally also. I've yet to find something I need not to work.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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