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[SOLD] 2002 Yellow TL1000r for sale

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2002 Yellow Suzuki TL1000r super sport. Maryland state inspection. The bike is all stock and in excellent condition. It has 20k miles on the bike. It also has the no cut frame sliders, bar end sliders and a set of SS braided front brake lines. It has a set of Battlax BT014 tires. The TL is an awesome V-twin sport bike that has a very distinctive sound and lots of torque. Please contact me for more details or to arrange for purchasing. For detailed pictures please go to

Robert :drool:
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Thanks for the compliments on the bike.


The bike has been sold........

Yes! I pick up my new K5 gsxr1000 on Saturday. :cheers: I got the black and yellow one.
Must have a thing for the yellow and black bikes. To bad it is going to snow.
Yes, PICS. I posted two PICS in the Suzuki gallery. I plan on taking more soon.
I have been out riding once again. Life is good :dthumb:

The bike is fantastic. Break in says max rpm is 6500 for first 600 miles. The front still comes up. I can't wait to see what this bike will do when fully broken in. I find myself rocketing into the corners and the bike just sticks it. I was surprised to see some of the speeds I was carrying into the corners, just for cruising around getting to know the bike. It seems that in every gear there is power. The bike never bogged down in a higher gear going a little slow. I had the rpms down around 3k in 5th and the thing still took off. It is hard to describe the sound the bike makes, but it's nice. It was worth the wait.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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