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Some more dumb questions

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So I finally figured out why the bike keeps dying each time I loosen my helmet. I though it was jacked up or just pychic. Well I finally figured out that the kick stand triggers some sort of kill :bonk: :bonk: :scratch:
Now, are there any links to maintance pages? How often do i need to change the oil? Brake fluid.

What should my normal temps be, do i need to let it warm up? What should my temp be before I start to move, and before I start to open her up.
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Most all new bike have safety switches on the kickstand and clutch.
The kick stand switch prohibits you from ridding off with it down.
The clutch switch is so you don't try to start the bike in gear with the clutch engaged.

Oil should be changed approximately every 3 to 4 thousand miles or 3 months or any time the bike has set in storage for winter months or what ever the reason.

Brake fluids (dot 3 or 4) I change every 10 thousand (sometimes sooner if you ride at race pace often. Fork oil the same.

Always let your bike get at least close to operating temp before tarring out on it. This varies bike to bike. (usually average from 180 to 215) You should have some sort of warning light. Some bikes use the Oil light to signal general warnings.
I don't have a problem with leaving on a cold motor but, I do let it warm up before I twist it hard.
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You will have to refresh my memory on what you ride before I can find links.
The best thing to do. Get a service manual. You can snag a CDROM on eBay pretty cheap but, I recommend the book. It will tell you everything you need to know and more.
This is an example click here
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