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While all the hoopla from covering Hurricane Dennis has wained, and the talking heads have moved on to the new story du jour, There are people still suffering without basic services the rest of us take for granted...

100,000 customers still without power because of Dennis

MIAMI (AP) - About 100-thousand customers along Florida's Panhandle were still without power tonight because of Hurricane Dennis, yet one power company says it's making "significant progress" on restoration efforts.

Gulf Power says power will be restored to 167,000 of its 242,000 affected customers by late tonight, and that 95 percent of service would be back on by early next week - weather permitting.

State officials say that 64 percent of customers in Santa Rosa County still lack power, as did 29 percent of customers in Escambia County and 25 percent of Okaloosa County customers. Limited outages were still reported in Walton and Bay counties.

State officials said Wednesday that there have been nine confirmed deaths because of Dennis, spread out over six different counties. Plus, 173 people remained housed in a shelter in Santa Rosa County.

Damage estimates have ranged up to $5 (B) billion.
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