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Specific jetting question for my 7R

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I have searched past threads but didn't find anything that specifically answered my question. I have found through various sources that the 7R actually runs rich from the factory instead of the typical lean condition of most sportbikes. How rich, I have no idea but I do know that my 7R will backfire (blue flame out the can) after sitting during high humidity. Now, it is said that adding an aftermarket slip-on, bolt-on, or full exhaust will lean the bike (severity based on type/style/manufacturer). My 7R has a Yosh RS-3 bolt-on.

I was planning on buying a stage 1 jet kit over the winter but what purpose would it serve if I am already running more fuel than air? I am assuming that the purpose of a jet kit is to utilize larger jets (not smaller) forcing more fuel through the carbs to richen a lean condition. Can you go with smaller jets to lean a rich condition? Is it better to adjust the factory jets? I am not sure what I am going to do but I want to fix this over the winter. I am also entertaining the idea of a full (Akra) system with new jetting.
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