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Spectacular drop in motorcycle casualties due to 'Get Tough Policy' say North Yorkshire Police
North Yorkshire Police get tough policy has resulted in a spectacular reduction in the number of motorcycle related deaths, plus a reduction in casualties overall.

Now North Yorkshire Police's Head of Road Policing has called for a partnership between police and drivers, in an effort to push road casualties down still further.

"As we go into Autumn I want everyone to do their utmost to slash the number of accidents on our roads." said Superintendent Martin Deacon. "We have achieved a great deal already this year, but now I want to keep up the momentum right through the difficult driving conditions of Autumn and Winter. "

Deaths on the county's roads have been slashed. In the last 12 months 65 people have died on North Yorkshire's 6,000 miles of roads, against 88 killed in the previous 12 months. The most spectacular drop is in motorcycle fatalities - 13 riders have died so far this year, exactly half the total at this point in 2003.

Since 1 April the number of riders, drivers and pedestrians killed or seriously injured on North Yorkshire's roads has been cut from 506 to 437 - a reduction of 13.6 per cent.

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