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Hey guys/gals: I have some stuff I'm looking to get rid of. If you are interested in any of these items, please email me (email address below list of items) and I'll take good care of you! (these are all brand new with tags on them, just need to get them out of our overstock).

LED Taillight with Integrated Turn Signal
Fits: 01-03 GSXR600, 00-03 GSXR750, 01-02 GSXR1000

Icon Timax Jacket, Black XLarge
Teknic Chicane Jacket, Black/White/Silver, 40
Icon Kitty Jacket, Black Large
Icon NeoDaytona Hero Jacket, Black, 48

Icon Timax Pants, Black 36
Icon Superduty Pants, Black 32
Icon Barrier Pants, Blue 34
Icon Kitty Chaps, White Medium

Icon Motorhead Boots, Black 10
Icon Standard Boots, Stealth 10.5

Icon Primer Pack, Yellow

Email me at [email protected] if interested in any of these. :)
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Yeah i saw some of there stuff, Im not sure the women of the sportbike want fring on there jackets and cap pants. Most of that crap is powerblue too. I have never liked that stuff. I like SpeedRag. I have the jacket and it is really good quality. I havent had the use the protection yet but it seems on par to my Spidi race suits. Alpinestar makes pretty cool women stuff and it has no fring.

I like the camo pants my self. :wink: said:
Twisty, you're gonna crap when you hear this. Amazingly enough, the men are buying the kitty jacket and the kitty chaps with the fringe for themselves!!!! I think I'd die if I saw that. The kitty line is actually a hot seller, and they've come out with a pink one, as well. They are the first company really gearing the "cool, hip" stuff toward women, so I have to give them props for that.

I agree about Speedrag. We love them, and they are so cool to deal with. We've got their stuff, and their new line is coming out at the end of February, so I'm quite excited!
I cant belive dudes are wereing that stuff!!! If I see some *** rollup with that on, man Im gonna rip up and down.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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