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SpeedWerks Racing is taking their R6 up against the other AMA Formula Extreme riders at VIR for the AMA weekend. It's our first AMA race ever and we're extremely excited. Stop by and see us if you are there, and if not, look for a full report when we get back!

I stole this quote from the August Issue of the Speedwerks Newsletter...

So I contacted Speedwerks to get some more information for y'all, Laura was gracious enough to supply some more information...and...a picture of the race bike...So here is the story, straight from Laura...

There isn't really too much to tell yet. We have built a really nice R6 and we have a great kid, Trey Yonce (25 yrs old) who is going to race the bike in Formula Extreme at the AMA races at VIR.

His first time on the bike, he placed 3rd in the FUSA Superbike race, so we were very excited!

If this works out well, we are going to do some more motor work for next year to get the bike to where it would be even more competitive and see what happens.

Trey runs awesome lap times at VIR, he's a consistent rider and he's a smart rider. All of that combined, he should enjoy running an AMA race.
We're definitely should be interesting!

And special thanks to Laura, who contributed just a bit to this article... :lol:

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Thanks, guys! :) And thanks to bumblebee for the post...very much appreciated!!! AMA races are definitely interesting (and very expensive!), so this is kind of going to be, let's just say, a dry run to see if it's something we might do next year. The R6 we built is really nice, makes great power, and Trey really enjoyed riding it. Roach, Trey and the guys are heading to Barber for the FUSA event the 2nd weekend in August so Trey can get more track time on the bike. He's only ridden the bike one weekend, and did really well.

I wish I had better info for you, but it'll definitely be an interesting weekend for our shop. It's gonna be a busy one! ;) I promise to take lots of pictures and provide a full report when we get back. We'll be at VIR from the 24th-28th, so I'll probably come back with about 2,000 pics...don't worry, though, I'll only put up my favorites. :)

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