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Spider Grips

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Anybody use them, or know of anybody using them ? Have a better suggestion than these ?

Thier new SLR design, for road bikes, is supposed to be top notch!

Spider Grips

** the website is acting up right now for some reason so if this pic doesnt load up, sorry!!

cool, inexpensive mod to do :thumbs:
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I don't know about the spider grips but the progrip are pretty sweet. They are pretty comfortable. I have a friend that uses them and likes them. Go with them. You will like them. Let us know. :)
Need4Speed750 said:
I dont even know how hard it is to get the stock ones off in the first place....

Its as easy as putting on your lid. They are that easy to change.
Need4Speed750 said:
It's an incurable disease!!! :lol:

Untill she slaps the donkey $hit out of you.

If shes not sure how to do this, all she needs to do is ask Carrie. :D
rockadaous said:
This is the exact reason I don't tell my wife when I order things. order the stuff, put it on and when questioned act like it's been there for years :D

Seeing how my women has access to my acct and pulls almost all of my check out 10 mins after I get paid, its a little hard to buy it and say its been there. Trying to buy something new for the bike is almost like pulling teeth.

Well, she did say it was ok for me to get the power commander I want to get. That was nice of her. :)

By the way rockadaous....the women would like to know if you can change your avator since it causes her to not pay attention when all she is doing is watching shake her little a$$. :lol:
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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