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Spider Grips

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Anybody use them, or know of anybody using them ? Have a better suggestion than these ?

Thier new SLR design, for road bikes, is supposed to be top notch!

Spider Grips

** the website is acting up right now for some reason so if this pic doesnt load up, sorry!!

cool, inexpensive mod to do :thumbs:
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Also found these, which Im leaning more towards at this point...I know some riders that use these and love them..

Progrip RVGS Street Gel Grips 719

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I dont even know how hard it is to get the stock ones off in the first place..might just be more trouble than its worth..
CrunchieJD said:
Thank you! Whats wrong with stock? Why, why, why all theses mods??!! :rant:

It's an incurable disease!!! :lol:
rockadaous said:
This is the exact reason I don't tell my wife when I order things. order the stuff, put it on and when questioned act like it's been there for years :D

now ya went and did it rock...she wasnt on to the mod thing till ya said she'll be watchin me like a hawk! :lol:
oh yeah..she knows rock IM sure..women ALWAYS seem to know... :smash: ..but its good she's letting ya still do it :D
rockadaous said:
:lol: man I had to think for a minute. hells no :lol:
fruit loops on the durango..SWEET!! :lol: :lol:
Dude, Im all over that green..that is schweeeet!!!! :cool:

im trying to combine the easy/inexpensive mods to improve the appearance, like the mesh, grips, windscreen, clear signals, pegs, decals, etc....but also lookin at the exhaust over the winter.
Just found these from our newest supporting vendor Speed Werks..

Im on it!!!
1 - 9 of 27 Posts
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