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Hi all
I recently purchased a 2000 600 bandit as a non runner upon inspection the sump was full of petrol and the carbs were flooding big time, new needle valves and a full clean out and fresh oil was undertaken, the bike fired and ran fine for about 2 min then it started to flood out of the air box. The carbs were removed and cleaned again (although it was still clean ) they were re fitted but still flooded it was noted that no 2 was spitting back out of the carb into the air box a auxiliary tank was connected with the carbs on the bench and they flooded. A second hand set of carbs was obtained from a crashed but running donor these were cleaned and fitted all was ok it ran and revved (not flooding now) but still it is spitted out of no 2 carb a compression check was carried out and a readings although low 130psi obtained they are constant across all 4 cylinders my instinct tells me inlet valves.
Any opinions gratefully received
Bandit man
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