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Would you sport this heads up display?

  • Hell yeah!

    Votes: 8 57.1%
  • Um...not sure

    Votes: 5 35.7%
  • No

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Ok...this is major cool. Talk about a invention worth some talk... :2cents:

A heads up display in for your helmet. Displaying speed, tach, gear, and optional radar detector signals.

Sport Vue

Vid on the Sport Vue

Discovery Channel even had something on it..see the vid.

Heck Greg White from 2 wheel tuesdays even gives his :2cents:

A bunch of other sites reviews on the product.

The MC2 will set you back MSRP for $349 or you can get them on Ebay for about $249.

I love the idea... I don't love the piece on the helmet and would be concern about having it fall off on the highway or somin. But other than that I think I would sport it!

What about you guys?

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my only thing is with my helmet it would be hard to put it where it was easy to see but not mesing up my field of vision because of the placement of the vents on the top of my helmet... as well as my shield...

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I've been testing a Sportvue these past months for a review on my site.

Here's what I've found.

The install was much more simple than it looks. You just need to take your time and follow the instructions. The Sportvue site has pretty good information on the best places to hook it up to your bike. Among other things, you will need to mount the speed sensor to the rear tire and swing arm. This gives a pretty accurate speed reading as it doesn't matter if you change the gear ratio.

You'll need to permanently mount a clip to your visor. This will hold the removable heads up unit. After a few adjustments, the LCD screen is easily viewable in most lighting conditions. Bright sunlight is its only problem area, but I have only tried it using a tinted shield. The digits were still visible even in the bright sun through the tint, but not as crisp.

With the unit mounted on the shield, you can still move it up and down within its full range. The only problem is if you raise the visor too high, obviously you will no longer be able to see the display. You don't need to worry about the thing flying off. I can personally attest to speeds greatly exceeding the triple digit mark and the thing didn't budge.

Everything seems to work great, except I'm still having trouble calibrating the gear indicator. I've got it pretty close and for the most part it works great. There are still certain RPM ranges that seem to make the gear indicator display the wrong gear. I'm getting close and I think my next attempt at the learning procedure should do the trick.

The unit I have displays your speed, gear, RPM and a programmable shift indicator. The RPM appears as a bar across the top of the display. The shift indicators appear on the left and right. My unit also has a radar detector option, but I currently don't use a detector so I have yet to see how it works.

All in all it's a pretty cool system. If you can get passed the big heads up display unit sticking to your visor, I think that you'll find the unit is pretty useful for day to day riding. I found it nice to be able to keep my head up and view the screen rather than dip my head down to the gauges. I didn't look at it much during more spirited rides, but for around town and leisurely riding it's pretty handy. I find that I don't notice it much until I ride without it. It's pretty handy for looking at speed, but other than that I get most of the information I need about the bike, from the bike.

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Big Kahuna said:
Okay, I can get you a shot of the unit mounted to the helmet, but the rest will have to wait as my beloved RR is currently down at Mojo's shop.
:tt: :tt: :tt: :tt: I'm curios what it looks like in real life. Nobody here has one in stock.:cursin:

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Okay, here's some pics of the unit on the helmet. I'll get some pics of the install when I get the bike back.

I don't want to hear any comments about how dirty and dusty my Beautiful Bostrom Suomy looks. It's been at the shop for the bast few weeks and I only had time to snap some shots for you homies before I headed back to work.

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