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Sportbike junk yards

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Anyone know of any good online places to get parts from wrecked bikes?
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Mudpuppy said:
M/C Junkyard List

I know this one in Michigan is really good:

EASTERN MICHIGAN CYCLE SALVAGE - 7575 Brockway Road - Yale, MI 48097 Phone: 810 387-3513 Fax: 810 387-3268

I was just talking to SVOneUp about this.
i've bought part's from them.there alright,you pull your own part's.take a hour and walk around there.i'm sure you'll find a new project bike.i've bought part's from cycletherepy too.they found the right carb's for me.there good people.eastern michigan cycle's site is
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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