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Sprayed some carb cleaner in the carbs this weekend

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I went to Autozone and bought some spray in carb cleaner for the SV. I removed the airbox and sprayed it in there. I noticed a difference almost immediately. Then, this morning, I noticed it again.

It was so difficult to start before and now it's much easier. I still need to choke it, but not nearly as long to keep it running.

Quicker and cheaper than an all-out carb clean.
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Glad to hear it worked for ya... and yeah, way easier and cheaper!
jeeps84 said:
They can be tricky. Damn, I love my FI!
I agree NW... carbs are tried and true... and yeah they have their quirks...but that FI that everybody loves is great till it starts going wrong and throwing codes!!
Well this is true but at this point you have to take it into the dealer to get that code!! :nonod:
Don't get me wrong... FI is great..but its just a different evil not the answer to heavin on earth!
Just drop the kids off at grandma's or the aunts and go fiddle with the bike...
Ya but what will Jack charge you for the service!

Also, might want to put the carbs in a zip lock.... FedEx,UPS, USPS will not appreciate gas leaking from a box if you don't get it all out!!!
WOW, Jack...that's awefully nice!!
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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