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Sprayed some carb cleaner in the carbs this weekend

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I went to Autozone and bought some spray in carb cleaner for the SV. I removed the airbox and sprayed it in there. I noticed a difference almost immediately. Then, this morning, I noticed it again.

It was so difficult to start before and now it's much easier. I still need to choke it, but not nearly as long to keep it running.

Quicker and cheaper than an all-out carb clean.
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Well, it's still not 100% but it beat the $200+ I spent having someone tear them down and clean them out about 3 years ago.
If I had the time spend a whole Saturady (which is how long it would take me) to tear down the carbs and clean them, I'd try it. I'm not afraid to try IF I had the time to mess with them.

If you have a couple of small kids, you know what I mean about not having time. :lol:
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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