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Spring Fling Bash

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hey anyone interested in the spring Fling Bash at HorseNeck Beach....all Bikes welcome...come one come all.........good eats and Hott Bikes.....tenative date is May 13th anyone who's anyone WILL BE THERE.......
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It's in Wesport MASS. Far from you guys.
I think so. The ladie count can be very high in attendance depeding on the weather.:drool: They always show but depends if they come in shorts or something a little less.:wink: :dthumb:
I think that the Bike Blessing is even bigger. A lot more bikes all together on a bike run to Cape Cod MA. In the Cape is where all the white sandy beaches are and you know what that adds up to?...:drool: (check bike blessing in the ZUK-KRU forum for more info):twfrox:
No problem there RIDER. I want to post some pics on here maybe a small video. The TWF family won't be left in the cold.:thumbs:
Dude, I owe a lot to TWF, RIDER. They helped me sent up my clubs Forum. So whatever I can do for it's family I will.:dthumb:
There are a lot of them coming up soon JEEP-ster. But I think I would prefer the rides you have through those mountains. You must have AWESOME views man. It's all good I guess.:cheers: :twfrox:
Hey JEEP-ster, cant you have your own? You must have other sportbike people like freinds that would do something with ya. Even most hog riders have sportbikes at least in my area.:2cents:
:crazy: Wish I could go on one. Just to see the view.:cheers:
:drool: :drool: :drool: sweeeeeeeeet:dthumb:
GSXR750MKE said:
hey :welcome: :twfrox: what's up.....interested in some runs Hit up the Zuk Kru....what ya ryding?
I even did it Bullitt but it's wrong man. I P.M.'d him he's allset.:whore:
1 - 11 of 28 Posts
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