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Spring Fling Bash

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hey anyone interested in the spring Fling Bash at HorseNeck Beach....all Bikes welcome...come one come all.........good eats and Hott Bikes.....tenative date is May 13th anyone who's anyone WILL BE THERE.......
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Sounds like another great event. :dthumb: Wish I could make it.:disapp:
Its :crazy: This is motorcycle heaven around here and we have so few events unless you ride with the Hogs. (not that I mind cause I have one) It seems I always ride 100+ miles out of heaven to attend most events.:disapp:
gixxer1333 said:
Hey JEEP-ster, cant you have your own? You must have other sportbike people like freinds that would do something with ya. Even most hog riders have sportbikes at least in my area.:2cents:
We have our own thing going on but nothing big. Plus its allot more fun attending someone else's event for some new action instead of the same'ol every weekend.
gixxer1333 said:
:crazy: Wish I could go on one. Just to see the view.:cheers:
Check my gallery for a few shots.:drool:
bostonboy/o.s.e. said:
is horseneck beach off of 140 :help:when is the date i'm a newbie but are always up for support whenever it's possible
:welcome: to TWF
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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