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The venerable Sprint St took fifth place in Motorcycle Online's recent sport-tourer shootout, edging out the Kawasaki ZZR1200, but trailing Yamaha FJR1300, Honda ST1300, BMW K1200GT, and the BMW R1150RT.

However, while the Sprint's overall placement may have been lackluster, testers were quick to point out that this was due in large measure to the bike's old design and inability to lay claim to supremacy in any one category. One reviewer summed it up nicely:

"If the Triumph Sprint ST had the torque of the FJR 1300 and the riding position of the R1150RT, it would be the single greatest Sport Tourer of all time. Alas, it doesn't and in this group, it can only claim 5th place. The funny thing is, everyone seemed to love the Triumph, they just couldn't vote it "best" in any category. In the real world, the Sprint ST is one of those exceptionally rewarding bikes to ride. It gives great feedback to its rider and is always fun to ride. It's a shame that Triumph doesn't update this bike with better bags, slightly relaxed ergos and perhaps a Rocket III motor, because if they did, it would conquer the world."

If the current rumors suggesting an update is imminent are true, next year's results may be much different!


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just goes to show that you dont have to be the best, to have everybody love you :lol: but seriously, I know there are tons of mag editors, ride testers, etc, that cant vote a bike #1 in many categories, because of all the new technology put into the engine/design of most other new rides, but yet, would take that exact ride in a heartbeat when you're talking about great, all around bikes, that just do everything well.
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