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Squid down...need advice

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This is kinda weird, but I was surfing this site yesterday and read the post about the girl laying down her SV. Well today, I was out riding and lost it going over a stick getting a big front wheel wobble and running off the road hitting a big patch of grass and laid it down at about 10-15 mph. I am fine thank god, wearing full gear is a good thing. It is a SV650S, that is the weird part, 2004 though. I totally cracked the front cowling and broke off the shift peg and had to ride back in first. There are no scratches on the engine or rearend. The wheel is also not lined up with the handle bars. I don't see anything really bent on the forks, but don't really understand the mechanics of motorcycle tire alignment being a noobie. Besides some other minor scratches that aren't really necessary to replace. I have full coverage on the bike with a $150 deductible. Should I involve the insurance and have my rates go up or see what the estimate is and go straight pay route. I also have coverage on my accessories seeing as my helmet is no good since i took a nasty blow landing on the pavement. I just thank god I am not a showboat and was just cruising, so wasn't hurt at all.
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Yeah, I been riding for a couple months, just met a situation I never had to deall with before with a blind corner, the stick, and oncoming traffic and only choice was to go over the stick.

I could fix the cowling and shift bar, just bolt on stuff. I have no idea what is wrong with the handle bar/wheel being off center. Would the dealer report it to my insurance if I took it to one?
I am hoping it is just bent handlebars. I don't think it is though. Because they look perfect when held straight with the bike but the wheel is pointing to the right. It looks like all the force of the fall was taken by the front fairing, it is shifted and cracked pretty good. Haven't checked inside much beside looking for bent forks, which I don't see, but hoping it isn't too bad. I think I will get it looked over today by a dealership. I will probably have them repair the wheel alignment and do everything else myself.

Best case scenario, handle bars are just bent and can be realigned without parts. So I only need to purchase the front fairing, shift lever, and left handlebar endcap.

Worst case, bent forks, massive damage inside the front fairing, and engine damage plus parts mentioned above.
The bars definitely looked straight. I couldn't see anything bent. Even the handle bars looked fine except for a scratched end cap. I dont really understand what knocked off the alignment. The only thing I can think of is when I hit the grass it bent something because it came to a deadstop and threw me off.
Yeah the upper fairing took a bad shot and is cracked pretty bad on the left side, looks to be pushed in too. It looks like it took all of the fall. Just on the left side though. It seems fine oin the middel where the gauges are.
I am 26 and my deductible for collision and comprehensive are both $150. I brought the bike into the shop and we found several other things that need to be checked out. It is looking more and more like I am going to go the insurance route, the job is probably going to be pretty high.
Don't own a digi cam and the bike is already at the shop for the estimate. I am going to get the estimate and decide which way to go depending on cost and what parts they say need to be replaced. They are definitely going to have to fix the alignment because that is definitely a job I can't do.
Well, it's finally getting fixed. I got an estimate and it was over $2000, because it was an insurance estimate. They found minor scratches on all of the painted pieces that could be buffed out but put it on there for insurance reasons. The forks were just twisted slightly and they fixed that with no charge, just readjusting no parts needed, so that was good news. I decided to go the insurance route and pay the $150 deductible and let everything get fixed. Should have the bike back in a week, hopefully my insurance doesn't go up too much.
I am not rattle canning my new bike :bash:

The front fairing was damaged pretty bad, so that had to be replaced no matter what and since I am going the insurance route, I am replacing everything.
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