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Squid down...need advice

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This is kinda weird, but I was surfing this site yesterday and read the post about the girl laying down her SV. Well today, I was out riding and lost it going over a stick getting a big front wheel wobble and running off the road hitting a big patch of grass and laid it down at about 10-15 mph. I am fine thank god, wearing full gear is a good thing. It is a SV650S, that is the weird part, 2004 though. I totally cracked the front cowling and broke off the shift peg and had to ride back in first. There are no scratches on the engine or rearend. The wheel is also not lined up with the handle bars. I don't see anything really bent on the forks, but don't really understand the mechanics of motorcycle tire alignment being a noobie. Besides some other minor scratches that aren't really necessary to replace. I have full coverage on the bike with a $150 deductible. Should I involve the insurance and have my rates go up or see what the estimate is and go straight pay route. I also have coverage on my accessories seeing as my helmet is no good since i took a nasty blow landing on the pavement. I just thank god I am not a showboat and was just cruising, so wasn't hurt at all.
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:welcome: TitanSV :twfrox:

That sux you went down like that...most people do at some point in's just all about the experience.

I would say if the bike isn't totally messed up and it sounds like its not. Don't report it to the insurance. Your rates will go way up, and so does everyone elses when people make a claim.
I would say find the parts you need on ebay or something first. Use the dealer as a last result. The slightest thing can total a bike out. I have seen brand new bikes get laid down and all that happend was a cracked fairing and a dent in the tank...the insurance adjusters actually total a bike out over this...then you have a salvage titled bike.
Just fix it on your own... :2cents:
TitanSV said:
Yeah, I been riding for a couple months, just met a situation I never had to deall with before with a blind corner, the stick, and oncoming traffic and only choice was to go over the stick.

I could fix the cowling and shift bar, just bolt on stuff. I have no idea what is wrong with the handle bar/wheel being off center. Would the dealer report it to my insurance if I took it to one?
no they won't....just find a real cool mechanic at the dealer...I always just go right back to the bay doors and BS with them for a while...get in with them then have them look at it. They usually don't mind checking it out for ya.
post up some pics of it...maybe one of us can see it and let ya know what it is.
at least the bike is getting a professional look over. Just remember the dealer will only have OEM parts which is the most expensive parts as is seems shop before you buy.
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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