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Hey y'all, :help:

Got bored yesterday and rebuilt my carbs and stage 3'd a kat 600. :cheers: I was looking for parts that are an easy upgrade/swap. Like

1. would a 750 exhaust be a direct fit and say it is, does it actually increase airflow? how does it compare to say an ss2r system (besides the obvious stainless steel advantages)

2. what will swapping a 750/1100 swingarm do for me. how bout some inverted forks from some "x" bike. do wheel/tire options increase?

3. i have extra nitrous solenoids and stuff hangin around (wet kit), can i boost this baby without changin out the carbs etc?

4. any other common mods and swaps i can do (maybe some cool body panels)?

5. oh yea... how bout adjusting the timing, the clymer said nothing about it, i'm guessing the ignitor unit decides for me, but what about small adjustments. say i run nitrous, i'd want to retard the timing a good 2-4 degrees.

6. My oil looks milky (new oil), its aircooled.. so what could be causin that....:scratch:

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:welcome: unfotuanatly, I can't answer many of those specific model questions....

You should check out put down wildkat for a referal... he's need4speed on TWF and he's a moderator over there....

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SVupON1 said:
:welcome: stage3kat:twfrox:
Send Need4Speed a PM.:2cents:
:withstupi :welcome: to TWF
Only answer I might have is for the oil. You might be over filling it. The oil will foam at high levels. all the extra air would lighten the color a bit.
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