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steering dampeners

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could some one please give me the pros and cons of a dampener? i'm thinkin about getting one with my return money but i want to know for sure if it's worth it. thanks :dthumb:
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Dead spots....They are caused by the consumer not checking the oil level in the dampener after the break in period. The fluid lever drops and causes the dampner too have dead spots. The fault of this is the consumers for not reading the damn instructions. Also Ohins makes the scotts dampener. I think the green is clouding you brain.
Gas Man said:
I think we debated this A LONG TIME ago... I think its the other way around!!

O, and don't get me wrong the Ohins stuff is GREAT stuff. Heck in a few more weeks, I'll even have Ohins oil in my front forks!!
Whats the other way around?
GsxrJack said:
agree, no cons at all, it should be the first thing you get for your bike if it doesnt have one.....

Gas Man said:
I believe we went thru this a long time ago here... other way around being that Scotts makes the Ohins rotary..... but it don't matter.... Ohins stuff rocks... and so does the Scotts steering stabalizer... this shouldn't be in question! You even have one...

Yeah I know because they ROCK! The deadspots are caused user error not the dampener.
KneeDraggers of Rec. Spreeworks was little high. KneeDraggers is dispributer for scotts and woodcraft. I would check there first. said:
As twisty said, we are definitely a little high on Scott's stuff. It's due to which distributor you use and what type of volume you do with each one. Unfortunately, our biggest volume isn't done with the Scott's people.

Chev, as I said in my PM, we'd be more than happy to help you, but you can probably find it cheaper somewhere else. :dthumb:

And yes, it's DAMPER. :)
But you guys have an awsome deal on the race chains, very nice indeed. :cheers: said:
The majority of our stuff we have great deals on, and you guys get an additional discount off our site prices for being a TWF member. There's just some "select" brands that we can't really give great deals on. Hopefully as we get bigger we'll acquire more dealer accounts, but for right now there just some stuff that we can't really do great prices on. :(

So when does the WERA series kick up for you? I know Mid-A starts next weekend! It's still friggin' winter!!!!!!

Not till next month.
chev said:
How does GPR compare to Scotts?

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