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steering dampeners

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could some one please give me the pros and cons of a dampener? i'm thinkin about getting one with my return money but i want to know for sure if it's worth it. thanks :dthumb:
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No cons!!! Get a Scotts!!! Linky!'re way off... Ohlins rotart style is made by Scotts!!! And dead spots???? I don't think so.... but enjoy your shaft especially when it get's all mangled in a simple low side.... :2cents:
I think we debated this A LONG TIME ago... I think its the other way around!!

O, and don't get me wrong the Ohins stuff is GREAT stuff. Heck in a few more weeks, I'll even have Ohins oil in my front forks!!
I believe we went thru this a long time ago here... other way around being that Scotts makes the Ohins rotary..... but it don't matter.... Ohins stuff rocks... and so does the Scotts steering stabalizer... this shouldn't be in question! You even have one...
^^^ Yeah what he said!!! ^^^
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Anyway, get a Scotts Stabalizer....

You can try EBay but not usually much on there for the Scotts....otherwise kneedraggers is probably going to be your best bet! But it going to cost you 300-425
twisty said:
Those prices sound about right! I personally love the way the scotts looks. See pic... not to mention, everybody asks about it and how it works...

As far as the low side thing... where does the end of your shaft style mount. If it is like most Kaw's you should have a threaded spot on your frame usually on the side of the bike. Therefore, making the shaft stick out the side of your bike....if the bike goes down on that side it will mess up that shaft sticking out...
Well, that's good to know... at least Kaw fixed that flaw as well. But damn, that looks funny! And you said something about the Scotts looking ugly...that's kinda FUGLY!!
zx636r said:
now i just have to make up my mind between hyperpro RSC and ohlins. sorta leaning towars RSC since at low speeds the damper is easier to turn over. unless there is a real great reson to get the ohlins, other then the fact that my jacket has an ohlins patch(neo-daytona hero, icon). lol not a big put ur sponser on urself but its a kick ass jacket.
:puke: on that stuff!!!
Yeah... sure.... :screwy:
jeeps84 said:
Don't bother trying to convince Gas Man, :screwy: just get what you like. :wink:
It wont matter anyway, its going on a Kaw so its a waste of $$$. :whistle: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hey now! I did my research back in the day and that's why I got a Scotts! I'm just trying to pass on a pearl of wisdom!! :bthorse:
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