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Stock 04 R1 Parts for sale

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I have added some Graves parts and can let go of the stocks if you need them

Full Exhaust with the Exup Valve.
Rear Fender
Front Signals
Misc. Plastic

Reply and we can email. I am in Orlando, FL
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Gas Man said:
I hope the Torque he is refering to isn't the movie!!!!!!
:jacked: Never seen it. Guess I shouldn't!!!
Just some black plastic cosmetic pieces.

As far as bottom end torque, the bike does not like to lug around the neighborhood as well as it did with the exup. However, it did not lose torque. The tall first gear makes it hard to keep it in an RPM range, above 2500, where it smooths out. Get it above 5k and it comes alive, above 8k and it is a MONSTER!!! :drool:
??? I don't really know what they are worth. $20 plus freight?
Keep dissin' the newbies and they won't stay around. I only have four posts!

1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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