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Stock 04 R1 Parts for sale

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I have added some Graves parts and can let go of the stocks if you need them

Full Exhaust with the Exup Valve.
Rear Fender
Front Signals
Misc. Plastic

Reply and we can email. I am in Orlando, FL
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you'd make more puting em on ebay right??? :skep:
Captain Morgan said:
Possibly, but he's being nice to his friends on the forums. ;)
:skep: lol just kidding that cool wanna give me a test drive then
R1Gal said:
$20 shipped and it's a deal.
Email me, I don't come here much.

[email protected]
i say make a deal when she has 30 or 40 posts.......but the again i am meen :lol:
oh my bad lol stay for a wile so you can pass on the ........ whatever you wanna call it ...disses?? idk i am just stumped :lol:
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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