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Storage Courtesy

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A friend of mines bike has been at my house since the end of November. he was suppose to leave it for a couple of days and it has been over two months!!! When is it time to auction it off on Ebay????:tt:
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If you auction it what am I gonna ride while im waiting for my engine?
Dont :nono: take away the only thing that is keeping me sain! :cry: :sob:
No, just charge him directly for the storage and ill keep riding it for free. :D

in my defense i work with the owner of the bike and have done and plan on doing more maint. on the bike!
put your magazine back inside its little plastic case, put it back under your pillow and play nice. :dthumb:
oh c'mon, you wanna see a gay thread check out 7 best positions in bed..
Kinda makes me wonder........ :gary: :gary: :gary: :gary: :gary: :gary:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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