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Streetfighter R1?

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so i'm thinking of somehow making my r1 into a temporary, street legal streetfighter. i don't have the money right now for a new headlight/bracket/fairings, so she's definately going to be naked for a while. my main problems at the moment are 1) how do i mount the computer? 2) what are my options with headlights? 3) what am i going to do about front turn signals? and 4) how am i going to conceal the wiring?

i think i'm just going to write off my twisted fairing bracket in the front, so that can be hacked away on. i'm trying to think of how to incorporate a round headlight into the front. i suppose there must be someway to fabricate a bracket that can mount to the existing fairing bracket. i will keep that bracket to mount the computer on i think, even though it's twisted, cutting off the rear-mirror mount "ears". i'm just kinda at a loss right now for ideas.... anybody done this sort of mod before?
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Didn't have insurance or didn't want to use it?
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