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Streetfighter R1?

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so i'm thinking of somehow making my r1 into a temporary, street legal streetfighter. i don't have the money right now for a new headlight/bracket/fairings, so she's definately going to be naked for a while. my main problems at the moment are 1) how do i mount the computer? 2) what are my options with headlights? 3) what am i going to do about front turn signals? and 4) how am i going to conceal the wiring?

i think i'm just going to write off my twisted fairing bracket in the front, so that can be hacked away on. i'm trying to think of how to incorporate a round headlight into the front. i suppose there must be someway to fabricate a bracket that can mount to the existing fairing bracket. i will keep that bracket to mount the computer on i think, even though it's twisted, cutting off the rear-mirror mount "ears". i'm just kinda at a loss right now for ideas.... anybody done this sort of mod before?
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When you say computer, are you referring to the gauges?

I thought you had a handle on getting the stuff back together. I think it would look better scratched and cracked than nothing at all.
Get some fog light from the auto parts or Wal Mart. Try to stay out of trouble. They will pass for most cops in the day as long as your not drawing attention to your self.
Gas Man said:
Just mount a piece of alum strapping or somin to connect that... it won't look good but at least you'll get it on... Or bust out some fiberglass and get a huffin high!

Oh and fix it with the fiberglass as well!
Actually the fairing stay should hold it even missing that big chunk.
Gas Man said:
See even that... I really think a little fiberglass will get it good!
It would be hard to get the curvature right. Easier to get a new/used part. :2cents:
:here: I just checked. A brand new upper is just over $100, fairing stay
( headlight bracket ) is under $200 and R or L side headlights around $130. :wink:
Gas Man said:
Oh yeah I would just carefully search on EBay like everyday and you'll find it for cheap!!
:withstupi Color isn't even important. Nothing you could find would ever match the custom paint.
check out this thread. It may help.
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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