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Stuck behind some cruisers

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Last weekend was beautiful and I went riding up my favorite twisty mountain. About halfway up, I came upon a pack of cruisers. As an observer, I was fascinated by how slow they were going.

When they came to a corner, they (at least the last two riders) stayed bolt upright like they were in an easy chair. They didn't pivot their head to keep the horizon level. I had to try it. After several corners of keeping my head in line with the bike, it felt like I was on a carnival ride. I almost got sick.

So it wasn't their bike's fault (I never saw anything scrape) they went slow, it was the rider's fault. Instead of being smooth, they were pretty jerky around corners. They were probably experts at cruising a straight highway, but didn't know how to take a curve. I bet most cruiser riders never take a riding class.
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Speaking of cruisers, i saw footage of a misc biker rally. They held a race around a small oval open to every one and every fatty cruiser. Well they were off and come the first corner they ALL WRECK! Except one guy on a sportster they all drug frame and primary and flipped over awkwardly. No helmets were worn and im sure all the medic footage was deleted to ensure a good time. silly stuff.
oh they will be ok.... thier denim shirts will protect them. :disapp:
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