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Stupidity in the news!

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Ok so I'm going to start another great thread here on TWF. Let's keep this one updated... I'll start out with a bunch of them...

'Dumb' Tattoo Leads To Bank Robbery Suspect

Onion ring emergency

$15M suit for burns from java

Youth’s Death Linked to Game

Smoker tried to open airliner door

Glow-In-The-Dark Meats? No Worries

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Can we say OUCH!! :bash:
bumblebee said:
Swordfish kills fisherman in freak accident

A fisherman from Langkawi was killed when a todak (swordfish) flew out of the water and stabbed him in his right eye last Saturday night
On that subject.. :nopicsbs:
Damn!! You could see the guy all bulg eyed!! Eye'in the pastor like I'll be lookin at that turkey!! Too funny!! :lol:

OK... here's another one...

This guy gets the :dupe: award

Its fire proof I swear!!
jeeps84 said:
This thread could go along way. :dthumb:
I sure hope!
I think the ole guy has had one too many scoops of ice cream!! :nonod:
Police: Officer used Taser in fight over soda

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Police: Officer used Taser in fight over soda
6-year veteran charged with assaulting his partner in Michigan incident

Updated: 7:17 a.m. ET Dec. 8, 2005
HAMTRAMCK, Mich. - A police officer has been charged with using a Taser on his partner during an argument over whether they should stop for a soft drink.

Ronald Dupuis, 32, was charged Wednesday with assault and could face up to three months in jail if convicted. The six-year veteran was fired after the Nov. 3 incident.

Dupuis and partner Prema Graham began arguing after Dupuis demanded she stop their car at a store so he could buy a soft drink, according to a police report.

The two then struggled over the steering wheel, and Dupuis hit her leg with his department-issued Taser, the report said. She was not seriously hurt.

Hamtramck police union lawyer Eugene Bolanowski said he expected Dupuis to hire a private lawyer.

Hamtramck is a city of 23,000 surrounded by Detroit.

© 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
:wtf: over a soda????? :dupe: :flush:
oldetymebiker said:
Thank God I have a pop up blocker!!!

And Pickle... ole to life in Ham!! :lol:
Got to love dumb criminals... and go get him ladies!!!!
click Klic

Alleged Robber Attacked With Curling Irons

An alleged armed robber has just had the beating of a lifetime, at the hands of nearly 30 women inside a Shreveport beauty school.

Blalock's Beauty School instructor Dianne Mitchell says, “Oh, I put something on him baby. He wasn't coming up out of here and telling nobody he robbed us and got away with it."

Mitchell says the man walked in pointing a gun and telling the women to clean out their purses and hand him the cash. That's until, she tripped him.

Afterwards she says, “I beat him with a stick." They all beat him with sticks, table legs and curling irons.

Mitchell says, “I was telling the students, ‘Get him! Get him!’"

Officer Eric Swartout describes what happened, “Basically, they're hitting him with everything that wasn't nailed down, he was getting hit with."

Mitchell says, “They was grabbing everything they could, but I said, ‘Get back! I got him!’ I wore him out with that stick."

Shreveport police spokeswoman Kacee Hargrave says, “The suspect was trying to get out of the business and, as he was trying to get out, they kept pulling him back in and beating him."

Police arrived and hauled the man out to a cruiser where he bled onto the trunk while being handcuffed.

"He’s going to need some stitches,” Swartout says. “He had some pretty good swelling and knots on his head, a lot of lacerations on his face."

Paramedics transported 24-year-old Jared Gipson of Shreveport to a hospital where doctors listed him in good condition. Once he’s released, police say they’ll book him into jail on a charge of armed robbery, where he'll likely have a lot of explaining to do - to his cellmates.
Check out the VIDEO!!! I wouldn't mess with those gals!!!
I sure hope not! I applaud them!
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