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Styling of the Z1000

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A 953cc nekkid bike for $8499 list? :eek: Sounds appealing to me, I'm just not sure I like the stlying. It's certainly the popular direction of recent bike design, but I'm not sure if I like it. I DO Like the tail lights, nice touch.

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It looks alright but as Matt said it, I am not into the naked bikes as well. But everyone has there own choices.
Sounds like a sweet deal. Welcome to TWF and enjoy your time here. :dthumb: Let sus know if you get the 10R. :)
Hey...didn't we or don't we still have a thread about the this. :D Not that this never happens in here. :lol: :whistle:

Anyways..I think I get around 110-120 maybe 130 if I don't ride her hard. If I am riding her hard then I may only get 100 or so before the gas light comes on.

And here is that link if you want to add these last few post to there N4S like you like to do to keep things tidy here for us. LOL
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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