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Styling of the Z1000

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A 953cc nekkid bike for $8499 list? :eek: Sounds appealing to me, I'm just not sure I like the stlying. It's certainly the popular direction of recent bike design, but I'm not sure if I like it. I DO Like the tail lights, nice touch.

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No, I think that is a aftermarket definately has a name on the pipe.

I'm with you guys. I usually don't like the naked bikes. But that is pretty nice lookin. The tail light is from the 6RR and 636's. Just as is the entire tail section.

I really like the rims. The colored spokes with the alum. rings....very sweet lookin!! Plus the price!! Like DAMN!

What's the specs on it??????
Loose Sprocket said:
Not to mention 128.7 HP at the back donut and 72 ft-lbs of torkies.
Source: Motorcycle Online 02/26/03.
That's more of what I was lookin for. But N4S' showed the dry weight that I also wanted to know.

The question is...Is the extra hp & less weight worth the extra $2k. :skep: to step up to the 10R?????
That last one looks futuristic!!

But loose sprocket.... you are askin some Matrix questions there...are you the ONE? :lol:

To anser your question, I am for a sportbike...
pickle.of.doom said:
Damn homey, you got good gas mileage. I doubt many of the hardcore sportbikes are pushing that...

I'm lucky to get 125... 100 if I'm thrashin on it!
But you have a V and that is pretty normal!! Just ask Twisty about his TLS!!

I can get about 135-150 on my 9R...use to be able to get 150-175 until I jetted it! :dthumb:
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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