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Styling of the Z1000

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A 953cc nekkid bike for $8499 list? :eek: Sounds appealing to me, I'm just not sure I like the stlying. It's certainly the popular direction of recent bike design, but I'm not sure if I like it. I DO Like the tail lights, nice touch.

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I love the styling of the Z1000. I think they're great looking...

They handle really nicely, and have MUCH better real-world ergos than a SS race replica bike... If you actually only ride on the street with a machine, I just don't see the attraction of SS bikes at all. It makes no sense to me...

Anyway, the only gripe people seem to have about the Z1000 is its slightly twitchy handling (that's partially do to the massive amount of leverage you get with a wide handlebar) and its so-so suspension. Typical Kawi suspension components...

Get one, send the forks off to Lindemann and have a field day!
Loose Sprocket said:
True, but on par with the bikes in the category in which it competes.
For the most part, yes...

It's hard to define what its direct competition is. Just naked street bikes? Then you could say it goes against the SV1000S and the FZ1.

Factory street fighters? Then it's against the Buells (I'd DEFINITELY take the Z1000 over a Firebolt or Lightning ANY day), the Monsters, and the Tuono. The Z1000 is definitely the value bike out of those and fits the bill quite well...
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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