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Summer jackets

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I've got a Ku$hitani mesh jacket, which came out before the now hugely popular Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket.

Neither of these have any substantial armour built-in and to allow air to flow in, there is little fabric. I have yet to see how well these jackets perform in protecting from road rash. Has anyone had a real-life experience or seen testing for these mesh jackets? I really don't want to find out first-hand. :bike:
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I have a Blaster and a Phoenix, and a Speedmaster suit coming. For the Blaster I bought GP armor, but when it's too hot I put the GP armor into my Phoenix. Near as I can tell they're not going to do crap in a slide, but they're more or less better for cruising around town when you have to worry more about getting hit by a car, etc.

Lately I've been wearing an Icon textile that' fairly cool, but not near as much as the phoenix obviously.
riding in armor and leather in the summer heat is a decision a lot like using a you want to feel comfortable or be protected??
I wanted to try an Icon Tarmac jacket this summer, anyone had one?
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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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