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A two up, touring style ride with plenty of opportunity for sporters
to high velocit, if desired.

Meets at Steak N Shake, Seminole Town Center, I-4 and Hwy. 46,
Sanford, Fl.

Leave time 9am SHARP, Pls. DO NOT BE LATE!!!!
Be fully fuelled, razor sharp, geared, ready to ride, no tire cord
showing etc!

We will be lunching at Caribbean Jacks on Beach St. in Daytona (near
the Helmet Shoppe), as long as there are no detours, crashes, run
drys, or unscheduled stops prompted by law enforcement on the way!

The route will include 46 to mini RR (44a), east on 44 to 42, then
west to Altoona for a break at Smokers Express on 19. Then RR to 40,
east into Ormond with at stop at 40 and I-95 for gas.
Then e on 40 to the bridge, then n to and through "The Loop", then s
on A1A into Daytona to Caribbean Jax.

After lunch perhaps a stop at the Helmet Shoppe if their open, then
perhaps a stop at the infamous Cabbage Patch for a brewski, then back
to central Fl. via all those good back roads we know to the Sanford

Once back on 17-92, split for our individual abodes!

See all y'all then!

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GSXR750DJ said:
You guys enjoy and have fun. We will be wanting pics then. Lots of them. :dthumb:
Yep, I been even contemplating putting my cam mount on my bike... I just dont want to wreck the camera.

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