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The main feature on Top Dead Center on SPIKE TV today was Supermoto. For those who don't know, Supermoto combines motorcross and track racing. Looks pretty exciting. Anyway, they highlighted an older rider in the race, Jeff Ward. This guy started racing in 1977. He's won the 125, 250, and 500 motocross and supercross champions. 54 motocross wins and 20 supercross wins. AMA Athlete and Sportsman of the year awards. Plus he was third and fourth at Indy 500 races, and won the Indy Rookie of the year award.

Tune into SPIKE TV at noon Eastern time to see if he beats riders half his age. TDC also tested the Honda 600 RR, and put an exhaust and Dynojet on a 600 GSXR.
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A little too late on the info for me. I missed it...
Shiet, he posted it at 1:34pm EST!! :wtf:
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