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Suzuki bike troubles

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My name is Ken Vallis and I live in Brownsdale, Newfoundland. I would like to let all the people who are looking at this site know about the kind of service they may expect to receive if they, like me, purchase a Suzuki product. It all started three months after I purchased my Suzuki LT-F400FK3 Eiger ATV when the clutch failed to work. After three weeks at the shop waiting on the clutch,( which was on back-order ) I picked up the quad, only to get the use of it for fifteen minutes before the engine seized and I had to push the quad home. A little over a year ago I had a letter printed in a provincial paper about all the trouble I was having .At that time the quad was in the shop a total of three months waiting on back-order parts for the engine. Shortly after the letter was printed all the parts arrived. I was in constant contact with Suzuki Canada and they assured me that after the repairs were complete that I would have no more worries concerning the engine. They were wrong, since then I have put over 2600 km’s on my car bringing the quad to and from the shop for problems with the engine as well as other things, there is still only 1840 km’s on the quad. It seem that almost every time I go for a ride I encounter problems. The last time I had to push the quad almost three km’s out off the woods after the engine blew the oil out to the point where more damage would occur if I ran it. That was three months ago and again the quad remained at the shop waiting on you guessed it back order parts. I have tried to contact Suzuki Canada through several phone calls and E-mail with no response. I know that I now have had the quad for two years and the warranty has expired but the initial problem with the engine still had not been fully repaired. All I wanted from the beginning was for Suzuki to replace the engine with a new one ( Which they say they don’t have ). With only 500 km’s on the quad at the time I felt that was a reasonable request but it seems that the people at Suzuki would rather have their customers go through the agony that I have had and still am having. I deal with customers every day as a home heat delivery driver, I would soon be out of a job if I treated my customers the way I have been treated by this company. Out of the 24 months I have had the bike over 7 of them have been spent in the shop or waiting to get there. I have posted a web page about these problems and would like for people to visit and leave a message for Suzuki or myself. It is you who can change the way these big companies look at us the consumer. I believe we as customers deserve better treatment than Suzuki Canada seems to want to give. Thank you.

Ken Vallis
Brownsdale, NL.
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First you say ATV and then you say bike.....can you give the make and model of the machine you are speaking of?
jeeps84 said:
For those that missed it.

It wasnt in the original post - he just edited & added that in!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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